Tour Of Homes (Part 2)

A tour of the most extravagant home on the Tour of Homes 2019. For those who dream :)

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Table of Contents

For everybody who ever wanted to “peek” at a million dollar home…pictures of the biggest, most expensive home on the 2019 Tour of Homes!!

Go ahead, admit it…when you see a fancy home on the hill and there’s an open house, you always want to go in and peak.  Then there’s the awkwardness of how you, in your clothes from Target, might peak at the home without having to pretend you are going to buy it.  That’s what the tour of homes is for!!

The Kitchen/Mudroom/Dining Room

The kitchen was absolutely amazing!  It had beautiful traditional style cabinets with a gray finish and a gray marble countertop with the perfect amount of white streaking.  The mud room complimented nicely without being too “stuffy” and overdone.  It is a mudroom after all.  The dining room was truly dressed to the nines with a side cabinet to hold an entire Thanksgiving feast and a tray ceiling to die for!

The Bathrooms

The bathrooms had two styles, feminine and masculine.  There was rarely a combination of the two.  The feminine bathrooms included the master bathroom and the upstairs “kids” bathroom.  They had gray cabinets with white marble and granite tiling.  The masculine bathrooms were a bathroom on the main floor and the one in the downstairs hangout rooms.  They were fabulous in their dark colors and their bold wall patterns!  One day, I will have to try and mimic them.

The Bedrooms

This was, strangely, the area that I felt the house let me down.  There was nothing that made the master bedroom feel like a master, except for a closet almost the size of the bedroom.  The bedrooms upstairs shared a Jack and Jill bathroom, which I thought was odd for a house such as this.  And the bedrooms were, somewhat small and plain. I can only think that it was the lack of staging.  With no furniture, it’s difficult to see how life would happen in a bedroom and so I had trouble seeing myself there compared to the common areas that were all staged.

Downstairs Hangouts

The downstairs was definitely the play room for adults.  It had sports paraphernalia, an indoor fire feature, a state of the art sound system, an enormous television, and a pool table.  If that wasn’t enough, there was an amazing, crystal blue pool in the back yard with a built in grill on the side.  Truthfully, while it was cool to see, I still wouldn’t buy the house just for this area.  It was amazing and if it was at my Air BNB, I would lose my mind, but I wouldn’t devote a whole floor of my home to it.


So, am I happy I went and snooped on the house that I will never be able to afford?  Of course; if only so that I could dream and see if the other side of the pillow really was cooler.  On the flip side, I left the house still content with my house.  My house has life in it and this was just cold.  I couldn’t see any warm conversations with my parents occurring in this house growing up.  Nor could I see a late night Netflix session with my boyfriend.  So, I guess I won’t be selling my liver and moving today.  You never know though, next year I might find the one.

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