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Top 10 Coolest Ceiling Fans You Need Now

Is it just me or is it hot outside? I guess that happens every year, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying when the heat and the humidity work together to make your life miserable every summer. 

Fortunately, there’s air conditioning. But for everybody who either doesn’t have air conditioning, you have my pity, or those trying to spend less on their cooling, there’s always a ceiling fan. I’ve got the 10 coolest ceiling fans that you’ve never seen before to buy this summer. 

If you are trying to spend less on your cooling, check out my article on energy efficiency for some other great tips.

Windmill Ceiling Fan


I bet you’ve never seen a fan that looks like this!

Isn’t that thing just the most wicked looking fan you’ve ever seen?

Sorry, I get excited. This is the statement ceiling fan. You want to have a cool breeze but you also want everybody in the room to notice.

With the unusual blades, how could you not notice?

If you want a light on it, there are even statement style light fixtures that you can attach to this ceiling fan.

They fit the theme of the fan well and they allow your fan to become that true mix of functional and statement piece. 

This fan still comes with a DC motor so you won’t waste energy running it and a handy wall control so you don’t have those cords hanging down to ruin the look.

The size of this fan, at 72″ across, keep some people from being able to fit it though.

The Windmill ceiling fan isn’t for everybody. You’re either going to love it or hate it. I freaking love it, but that’s just me. That’s the point of a statement piece though, to inspire that love or hatred.

Yes, this is an expensive fan, but it is well worth it. You get a great quality fan that behaves as art as well.

Wynd Ceiling Fan


For all those people in the corner who have been waiting for a modern, clean lined fan, the Wynd ceiling fan is definitely a good choice.

This fan comes in stainless steel and has a nice, blocky motor that runs with a high energy efficiency.

It’s perfect for a modern or minimalist interior design styles.

The fan comes in a 52″ variety, which is the most popular, but also a smaller 42″ and the larger 60″ options.

There isn’t any customizing this fan, you get silver and you’re going to like it. But honestly, the people who like the sleek modern option are going to appreciate this anyway.

While the Wynd fan isn’t to my taste, I can understand why people might like it.

It has a simple and clean design and the bright silver color make it blend into the background so if you want a simpler design, it isn’t interrupted by the ceiling fan.

Cone LED Ceiling Fan


I can definitely see why people may like the Cone LED fan.

It’s dark color makes it stand out boldly in the background of the ceiling.

However, if you do want a lighter color option it also comes in silver and white.

This ceiling fan would be perfect for that Midcentury Modern aesthetic due to it’s unusual cone shaped motor and clean lines.

At 54″ this is a ceiling fan for a “normal size” room. It’s not too big and it’s not too small. It’s DC motor, the built in LED light, and the ability to go indoors or out make this fan the jack-of-all-trades as well.

Basically, it can handle anything you can throw at it and keep smiling.

I wish that I liked this type of aesthetic. While it doesn’t appeal to my design style, mine being more rustic or traditional, I would highly recommend it in a Midcentury design.

It’s perfect for it and I definitely haven’t seen a fan like this before. And it’s a great quality ceiling fan too. You get the great function with fabulous style with this choice.

Donaire Wet Location


Here’s something I’ve never seen before. This ceiling fan, the Donaire, is made out of 316 grade stainless steel.

That’s what makes this fan capable of withstanding any outdoor environment you can imagine, the marine grade stainless steel exterior.

It even survives salty air on the coast! So it’s perfect, maybe the only option, for outdoor porches on the coast.

Not only is this fan durable but it looks good too. I appreciate that it isn’t traditional but the round motor keeps it from being ultra modern.

It comes in multiple colors too so don’t worry about finding one that fits with your room’s paint color.

I am a little put out that it only comes in a 52″ blade so if your room is extra large, you’ll need two of them and it could easily overwhelm a small room.

The motor isn’t the most efficient motor possible but it certainly beats a lower quality brand’s motor and it lasts a lot longer.

I like the built in LED light on the bottom and it is brighter than most built in lights on ceiling fans.

The plain style of this fan and it’s build make it the only ceiling fan you’ll want to buy if you need one that can go anywhere you want.

Proxima Patio Fan


Here’s an unusual fan for you! The Proxima Patio fan looks like it just came off it’s day job as the rotor in a helicopter.

I love it.

The upward angled tips give it a great sense of style and it comes in both bronze and satin nickel.

This is a fan that will look excellent if you have the style to match it. Kind of like a couple other fans, this one is a conversation piece.

There is no light on this fan so you need to have an alternate source of lighting in the room. That’s a bit disappointing given that it restricts some people from buying this fan. 

A nice feature is the 60″ blade span that allows this fan to go in almost any room.  The 72″ span is more popular in this fan but I recommend the 60″ is a good place to start.

The Proxima fan isn’t for everybody but it’s fabulous if it suits your needs. It’s big, bold style will be something that you’ll notice and appreciate every day.

Put in some recessed lighting and a lamp so that you can see it and you’ll be happy you did. Oh, and did I mention that it can go outdoors? It really can do it all.

Heiku Ceiling Fan


I like the Heiku fan for a lot of reasons, starting with the interesting upsweep on it’s blades.

However, this fan is made by the Big Ass Fan company.

It is assembled in the USA which is important to some shoppers.

This ceiling fan has a DC motor to keep your energy bills down as well.

The modern and sleek design allow the Haiku to go in any new home but the blade sweep gives it a freer form than most modern fans. This allows it to fit into many other design aesthetics.

The fan only comes in a 52″ design but that’s fairly universal in its ability to fit most rooms regardless of size.

There are several body colors and blade options as well, including black, polished aluminum, brushed aluminum, brushed copper, oil rubbed bronze, caramel bamboo, and cocoa bamboo.

That’s a lot of customization options.

I really like how much this fan can vary depending on your design choice. It can be traditional or modern. I also appreciate an American company making this ceiling fan.

Let’s be honest…I also really love the name of the company. There’s no need to be polite or apologize at Big Ass Fan!

Artemis XL5 Led Ceiling Fan


This Artemis XL5 fan is stunning.

The blades seem to wrap around the motor and it looks like a whirlwind.

The wooden blades give it a traditional style but the overall design gives it a modern flair.

If this particular fan, with its wooden blades isn’t enough for you, there’s one called liquid nickel that actually looks like melted, shiny metal.

This 62″ fan is an unusual size since it’s right in between the “normal” size fans. It has a DC motor and it has a built in LED light on the bottom of the fan, so there’s no need for another light source in the room.

If you do like this fan but want a smaller version, it’s cousin the Artemis is only 58″ and has three blades instead of six.

I really like this ceiling fan and would definitely put it in my house. Minka Air has a fabulous reputation as a company and this stylish fan fits many aesthetics.

Of course, I might need help to hang it since it’s so big but that’s okay, we’ll figure it out!

Minka Air Simple Ceiling Fan


The Simple ceiling fan is anything but the simple that its name suggests.

For starters, it is available in units that can go outside so you are not limited by the walls of your house.

The fan comes in a range of colors including white, silver, nickel, and bronze.

You’ll definitely find one that suits your color scheme.

The 52″ size and the DC motor make this ceiling fan one that can be universally loved by everybody.

I appreciate that the darker colored fan options will pop out and give you a simple but beautiful statement piece.

However the lighter colored options can blend into the ceiling more to give you a sleeker look.

The contemporary style of the Simple ceiling fan is incredibly universal. It would fit in any room and in any home that needs a solidly constructed, efficient, and moderately priced fan.

There really is nothing bad to say about it and that’s maybe why they named it simple when it really isn’t. Who knows on that one.

Prairie II Ceiling Fan


For all those people that loved the classic windmill fan, the first fan on this list from Quorum, but just couldn’t justify the price or the size of it, there’s the Prairie II!

This is a simpler design so it’s less showy and it fits well into almost any room at just 52″ across.

It’s also much more reasonably priced which is a nice feature.

This fan still has a hyper efficient DC motor so that you save energy while remaining cool.

I really appreciate that it comes in a rustic finish as well as a silver brushed steel finish that gives it an industrial feel.

That way if you have a more modern aesthetic but like the style of this fan, you have that option.

I really like the Prairie II ceiling fan. But then again, I loved it’s bigger older brother up in the first position.

Similar to that fan, you are buying not only a functional and well built ceiling fan, but a conversation starting art piece.

There is no way to make this fan blend into the background and pretend to not be there.

Fluid in Cyber Yellow


I know, the Fluid ceiling fan is a little out of left field…okay maybe a long way out of left field.

It looks like a psychological test rather than a fan. The fluid motion on its blades lends it its name the Craftmade Fluid.

This particular one is a yellow referred to as cyber yellow.

However, it also comes in white, titanium, and laser red.

This fan would go stunningly with a retro, midcentury modern interior design. Sadly, if you trend more toward traditional or country design, this is not only going to not fit in, but it will stick out like a sore thumb.

There’s not a way that I can see to force this into a design that it doesn’t go with naturally.

I actually really like the Fluid fan, despite the fact that I don’t tend to go for loud, midcentury design. Maybe it is the incredibly unique, fluid shaped blades that I have never seen before and I don’t think I’ll ever see again.

I appreciate, more than most, something that is singular in this world.

Final Thoughts

More than anything, I want to leave you with one thought, one idea. Ceiling fans are not only an opportunity to include function in a room but also design.

Don’t feel like you need to get a boring fan like your grandmothers in order to get a good fan.

Get a ceiling fan that is unique as you and something that inspires you to continue designing and improving your space!

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