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Tired of being embarrassed by your hand-me-down furniture? Worried your mom will judge your bad wood paneling? The problem is, you don’t want to or can’t afford a designer right?

I completely understand! That’s why I made an all inclusive interior design course. You get lifetime access, even if you sign up for the early bird pricing. Learn to design your home like a professional without the cost of a professional.

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Heck yes anybody can join! The more the merrier! If you want to make your home awesome this is for you!

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That’s okay! If you already knew how to fix your home and make it beautiful, you wouldn’t be here.

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Right now the course is offered for early bird pricing at $29 but soon that will increase to $49. There is no cost for you to receive the newsletter so why not join?

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The newsletter is free and I would love to get to know your project goals better. The course is all inclusive with tons of video lessons and design resources planned.


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Hey everybody! I'm Sydney, the head homeowner here. Let me know if you have any questions you didn't find the answer to. Tell me what projects you're working on. I love to hear from all my readers.

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From millwork to fabric, I would love to help you with your perfect home project to make any home a dream home. You also get exclusive access to me and input on what training is offered. I’d love to see you there.