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28 Greatest Interior Design Styles For Your Home

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When you are designing the inside of your home, you can create a cohesive look by choosing one of the major interior design styles to use throughout the home. Whether you want a farmhouse kitchen or a modern bathroom, there is a style for everybody.

More than anything, you need to make sure that you like what you decorate with. If you try to force yourself into a specific interior design, it’s not going to make you as happy.

I know, for instance, that I can’t work with a minimalist design style because I can’t keep my living room picked up.

Each interior design style is unique in its characteristics but there are a ton of “substyles” within each style as well. You also shouldn’t be afraid to combine styles if there are two or three that really interest you.

For example, you can mix modern and industrial styles really well to create your own unique look. Don’t be afraid to try out a style and see how it works for you.

If it doesn’t work out, as long as you didn’t do anything too permanent, it’s easy to change things up! To help you maintain a single design style, make sure to make a mood board to keep yourself on track. I’ll show you 5 methods to make a mood board here.

Modern Inspired Interior Design Style

Industrial Design Style

Pairs well with: Craftsman, Hollywood Glam, Modern

Industrial design is all about not covering up a buildings “guts” but displaying them for all to see.  Those heating ducts that are usually wrapped in insulation and then covered by drywall? 

Those are displayed proudly as a necessity of life.  The structure of the building is on display as well so you know how the whole thing stands.

An industrial interior design is almost always going to read as masculine.  All that exposed equipment is usually paired with darker wood finishes and heavy materials like stone and leather. 

This depth is balanced by typically tall ceilings, an open structure, and lots of natural light during the day.  You can calm this down and feminize this design style if you lighten the finishes and provide more natural cloth materials.

Industrial design is appealing to me.  Similar to a craftsman interior design style, you can see the function of the space.  I like that there are no secrets in an industrial space. 

The masculinity also appeals to my nature, since I’m not really a chintz and roses type of girl.  But I can understand why some people wouldn’t like this design style.  It is very polarizing.

Minimalism Design Style

Pairs Well With: Asian Zen, Feng Shui, Monochromatic

Minimalist design is exactly what you can imagine.  There are simple color palettes with only a single color or hue represented, typically a light color such as white or very light pastels. 

However, I’ve also seen these designs done very well with darker colors in the right space.  This interior design style leaves very little room left for extra ornamentation in furniture, moulding, or decoration.

You don’t find any shelves full of knick-knacks and you won’t find anything laid out on the coffee table to “entertain” the guests.  Minimalist design is made for people who need utter simplicity. 

With a lack of decorating options allowed, there is far less need for somebody to make decisions.  You purchase the gray pillows for the couch because that is what you are already matching.

I like minimalist interior design because it allows a person’s mind to be freer than normal since there are no design decisions to be pondered.  However, I could never live with it myself because I can’t keep a house that clean. 

I don’t think that this design style really allows you to live in a space if you have a family, unless the kids are very, very clean.  Simply because of that fact, it isn’t my first design style to recommend to most people.

Modern Design Style

Pairs Well With: Coastal, Minimalism, Scandinavian

Modern interior design is characterized by elegance and clean lines.  Furniture tends to be simple, with straight lines and single toned fabric. 

Wood tones are not uncommon however they are balanced by painted fixtures as well.  Wood or carpet is equally likely and rooms are typically painted simply or with geometric patterns on the walls.

Bright colors are common but they are used as a tasteful pop of color amidst neutrals.  For example, it wouldn’t be unusual to find a brightly colored couch with bright pillows in a room with fairly neutral paint. 

You won’t typically find ornate feet on furniture or complex mouldings on the door casings though.

Modern interior design is appealing for what it represents.  This style makes it easy for any person to inhabit any space.  With so little customization, and yet beautiful, materials and lines it allows a person to be anonymous. 

I also tend to appreciate the higher quality materials that are used in these designs.  With such simple design, a high quality velvet or a mahogany table really stand out.

Modern Country Design Style

Pairs Well With: Modern Farmhouse, Rustic, World Traveler

You may be wondering how modern country design differs from modern farmhouse, am I right?  Country design as a whole is inspired by ranchers, not farmers. 

Instead of a bountiful harvest being shown off with bowls of fruit on the table, country design is a subtle and comfortable place to relax after fixing fences all day.  Colors are muted and the furniture is soft and inviting.

Natural materials such as wood and cotton are king in this design style.  Furniture is traditional with few geometric patterns.  The overall feeling of the space is light and airy because it is modern but the space feels lived in, which is where the country aspect comes in. 

This design style is informal and simple, letting you really experience the space.

I love a modern country design.  It reminds me of home in the Midwest US but it brings what I love into the new century.  I appreciate that it lets people be who they are and doesn’t require a stiff design sense that you need to conform to. 

Modern country is for anybody who wants to work hard throughout the day and then come home and relax.

Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Style

Pairs Well With: Craftsman, English Country, Industrial

I think at this point, most people are familiar with this interior design style since it’s been popular on HGTV in recent years; thank you to Miss Joanna Gaines who brought us out of the 1990s. 

Farmhouse is a design that keeps in mind the longevity of an item.  It takes into consideration the family history of an item.  That cast-iron skillet?  It was your twice removed great grandmother’s skillet.

You will usually find natural materials and weathered finishes.  White washed wood is common, as is aged steel.  Don’t be surprised to see a somewhat weathered, galvanized water can somewhere in this house. 

Comfort is also key.  Squishy, and soft pillows are ALWAYS on the couches.  Cookies will probably be coming out of the oven, which looks like an ocean blue vintage model, shortly so that you’ve got something to eat.  You get the idea.

I love the comfortable, used aspect of this interior design style.  This is not a design style that keeps you from wanting to sit on the couch.  Instead, this style tells you to come on in, have some coffee with your family, and sit in the living room for a while. 

You’ll sleep easily in the plush bed with the velvet throw and the stack of pillows on it.  This is one of my personal favorites.

Monochromatic Interior Design Style

Pairs Well With: Chinese, Minimalism, Scandinavian

Stay with me here through this one.  A monochromatic design is based on finding a love in a single color and expanding on it with alternative hues and shades. 

For example, you may be incredibly fond of grays and you can design your home around various shades of gray.  You can also, if you are more adventurous, design your home completely around different shades and hues of reds, pinks, and corrals.

Because this design style is based on having so much of the same color, you have to get creative with how you break up the space.  It frees you up to use different textures and patterns in order to provide a break for the eyes. 

Anything goes, as long as it is the correct color to fit with the rest of the room.  This also allows for more freedom of furniture lines

A monochromatic style isn’t my personal first choice.  What I do appreciate about it is that it’s a fairly simple design style for somebody new to design to work with. 

The only difficult part is that you have to mix up patterns and textures or the design becomes too heavy.

American Inspired Interior Design Styles

Art Deco Interior Design Style

Pairs Well With: Craftsman, Hollywood Glam, Mid-Century

Art Deco is all about the geometry.  You’ll get tables with triangles on them and you’ll have chairs that are shaped like circles. 

There is nothing that cannot be traced to a high school geometry class.  Think Hollywood Glam but with even cleaner lines.

The Art Deco interior design style is also very sparkly, with more metal than wood.  However there is wood present in the design sometimes.  Choose comfortable but expensive fabrics like velvet or suede. 

Art Deco was all about showing how rich you were.

I am…not a fan of Art Deco design personally.  It is beautiful in a certain way but I find the harsh edges to be something I just can’t appreciate.  I also tend to veer away from displaying wealth. 

For somebody who appreciates those lines and the decorative accents of this interior design, you really won’t be anything better.

Craftsman/Arts and Crafts Interior Design Style

Pairs Well With: Feng Shui, Modern, Mid-Century

Here’s another very common style that focuses on the utility and longevity of an item in the home environment.  You don’t need to worry about messing things up in a craftsman home. 

Craftsman style focuses on the beauty of not only an item’s design but it’s creation.  In this design style, you see every joint, every weld, and every dowel holding your home and furniture together.

Wood is one of the most common aspects of this interior design style.  Every material is useful.  There won’t be something that you need to worry about damaging by using it. 

Unlike other designs, this isn’t necessarily a soft design style.  Simple lines and uncomplicated forms are what allows you to recognize and enjoy the fine details and craftsmanship that gives this style its name.

I do enjoy a craftsman design.  Something I appreciate most is that I can actually look at anything in a craftsman home and examine how it was designed and made.  

I can tell from its very beginning what the purpose of a piece is and how to use it.  I would like if it was more comfortable and cozy but I like the intention behind a craftsman design.

Hollywood Glam Interior Design Style

Pairs Well With: Art Deco, Industrial, Victorian

The Hollywood glam style is described best by one word: sparkly.  If it sparkles, it is encouraged and this style is characterized by brass, chrome, crystal, and glass galore. 

It takes you back to the high time in Hollywood when actresses were dressed in much the same attire.  Hollywood glad is most recently represented the best by the Property Brothers on HGTV.

You’ll see bright colors and neutral colors equally in these designs.  Sometimes it is bright colors on the walls and neutral furniture.  Sometimes it’s the opposite. 

Wood is not as common as metal when looking for furniture since the metal allows for more of the sparkle factor.  Speaking of furniture, it should have mainly clean and geometric lines but a few curves are present occasionally.

I don’t know how I feel about this design style.  Hollywood glam is a lot to take in.  Similarly to Victorian design, I find that there is too much visual stimulation for my brain to really process.

I am a bit like a star struck crow I guess.  However, I can see its appeal to people.  The bright light and high class fixtures are alluring to somebody who appreciates them for what they are.

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Style

Pairs Well With: Art Deco, Industrial, Mediterranean

Mid-century modern design is certainly unique.  For myself, it brings to mind images of watching The Jetsons as a child.  To me, the geometric patterns in the background of that cartoon are similar to the patterns in a mid-century modern design. 

You tend to see a lot of streamlined and uncomplicated shapes.  Obviously, this style is named for the time that it came from, the middle of the 20th century.

The amazing thing about mid-century modern is how timeless it is.  This interior design style is routinely among the most popular and in-demand styles that people can name. 

I think it’s because this style stresses indoor/outdoor living which people are naturally drawn to.  With natural materials and stress put on natural light coming in, there’s something primal about this design style.

I have a love hate relationship with mid-century modern design.  The problem for me is that it is so easy to go overboard with the bright yellows, greens, and oranges that are so common for this style. 

But when it is done well, there is almost nothing better than this interior design style.  It’s tasteful, simple, and uniquely elegant.

Rustic Interior Design Style

Pairs Well With: Bohemian, English Country, World Traveler

The rustic interior design brings the best of the outside inside.  It focuses on using natural materials such as wood, metal, and stone in a combination that really speaks to your caveman side. 

Expect to see things like stone fireplaces or live edge slabs on the dining table.  Carpet is not a common choice for a rustic interior design though a rug may be added to a wood floor.

Rustic design tends to keep the colors mostly neutral since a bright pink or vibrant orange are not common.  However, pops of color here and there can act like flowers in a field though. 

Rustic interiors tend to have a heavy, masculine feel that is reminiscent of a hunting lodge but you can make it more feminine with the accents you select or the lighting of a room.

I like the indoor/outdoor feel of rustic rooms.  You really feel like you are a part of nature, even in the middle of your living room.  I don’t like how heavy the room tends to feel in this type of interior design and that’s a difficult balance to maintain. 

To lighten the feel of a room with this interior design style, make sure it is bright and your wood tones are lighter.

Southwestern Interior Design Style

Pairs Well With: Moroccan, Rustic, World Traveler

A southwestern design style comes from the American southwest.  It arose from a dry climate and sandy dirt.  Because of that, this interior design style has a warm undertone that runs through it. 

Red and orange accents highlight dark woods and white stucco backgrounds.  Frequently, this interior design will be complemented by gardens and shelves full of water-wise succulents and rocks.

For somebody trying to stick to a southwestern design style, you want to avoid cool colors in general.  Cool colors are blues and greens. 

These colors tend to clash with the overall warmth of a southwestern design because they remind people of water, not the desert this design style came from.

Southwestern design has its place in the interior design realm.  Myself, I find that it isn’t my favorite design but I don’t tend to like warm colors as a whole. 

If you do find that warmer tones appeal to you, you will love this type of design.  You’ll love the simplicity and that you can really see the story behind the design more than most interior designs.

European Inspired Interior Design Styles

English Country Interior Design Style

Pairs Well With: Bohemian, Modern Farmhouse, Rustic

An English country design style gives a space a warm, cozy feel.  These rooms tend to be full to the point of cluttered.  Furniture is traditionally styled, with organic curves rather than rigid geometry being common.  Rooms are given even more coziness by abundant fabrics and upholstery.

There is a lot of color and pattern in this interior design style.  The mixture of colors is usually on the warmer side but there are no colors that are not going to fit in. 

Florals are common but all large factor patterns are up for grabs.  Just make sure that, more important than anything else, you choose things that are comfortable.

English country design is okay but it isn’t my favorite.  It reminds me of Professor Umbridge from Harry Potter.  But, at the same time, I wouldn’t be opposed to a bed and breakfast stay inspired by this interior design. 

There is one thing though.  English country is all about comfort which is nice to have every once in a while.

French Country Interior Design Style

Pairs Well With: Craftsman, Industrial, Modern Farmhouse

The French country design style combines the best of the rustic French countryside with the elegance of Paris.  You’ll see copper pots and white brick lining the kitchen in a French country design. 

Colors are fairly muted but don’t be afraid of some subtle colors.  Blues, greens, reds, and yellows are all up for grabs in this design style.

Hailing from a traditional design, this interior design style has furniture with curves and swoops, not the geometric patterns for other designs. 

There is some ornamentation that is reminiscent of a Victorian design but it is different at the same time.  There is a warmer tone and calmer colors in a French Country design.

In my opinion, there is well-done French country and overdone French country style.  The well-done styling is absolutely beautiful.  It feels both comfortable and homey, with just enough elegance that I would feel like I was in a room in a catalogue. 

The poorly done styling is just awful in my opinion.  I absolutely love a well-done French country design and, if I thought I could do it successfully, would try it in my home.

Mediterranean Interior Design Style

Pairs Well With: Bohemian, Coastal, Tropical

Mediterranean design takes its inspiration from countries in southern Europe.  Warm tones are common but not hot colors.  Warm whites paired with vivid blues and greens that look like the Mediterranean Sea. 

The inside of these homes always tends to look slightly beachy and the furniture is always boldly chosen.  Furniture outlines can be geometric or flowing but it must stand out, not shrink into the corner.

Natural materials from that region are commonly used as well.  Ceramic vases, wood furniture, and wrought iron stair rails are some things that you can expect to find in this type of interior design. 

Shelves are decorated with a few sea shells and everything has that lived in feel so that home owners to guests can feel comfortable.

I absolutely love the Mediterranean interior design style.  It’s just such a relaxing space to be in with the beachy feel and the jewel blue and jewel green colors. 

I’ve never seen one of these rooms that feels stuffy or overdressed.  There’s an ease to it that reminds me of a comfortable sweater that you’ve had in your closet for a decade.

Moroccan Interior Design Style

Pairs Well With: Bohemian, Southwestern, World Traveler

Moroccan interior design perfectly represents the country of its origin.  It is hot in Morocco so these designs go with warm and bright colors.  Bold reds, golds, and purples are offset by bright blues and yellows. 

These spaces are complex combinations of color, light, and pattern.  They tend to be full of furniture and fabric, with an overall busy look about them.

Geometric, repeating patterns are used but the overall design of the space tends to be very organic.  There are no straight lines throughout a Moroccan interior design. 

Fabric is lighter and airy to account for the big colors represented.  Furniture is overstuffed and comfortable, inviting you to not only sit but also relax in a space.

I love a Moroccan design for what it is.  For me, it is a place I would love to vacation in but not live in.  If you like bold colors and a busy space you would enjoy this design. 

If you like the feeling of a Moroccan design but need something lighter, set bright bold colors against big windows and a white wall that are inspired by the heat of Morocco as well.

Scandinavian Interior Design Style

Pairs Well With: Asian Zen, Mid-Century, Minimalism

Okay, I’m going to calm you down and prepare you right now…I am going to mention Ikea.  Fans of the store will say, “But there’s so much more!” 

While people who hate the store have probably just left this conversation.  But calm down and listen for a minute.

Ikea really does embody the Scandinavian interior design style.  It has simple, light colored wood accented with comfortable and easy to clean fabric. 

There are pops of color but for the most part everything is kept a neutral color with some occasional flair in form.  This design style provides for a lived in feel that you can feel at home in, regardless of your chosen design preferences. 

Scandinavian design is a perfect example of an item being beautiful because it functions so well.

Personally, I wish I loved this style of interior design more.  I love the simplicity and the fact that function is so important to it but I really struggle with how uniform it looks. 

My own personal lifestyle just wouldn’t fit in well with a Scandinavian interior design style.  I wouldn’t feel like I could really live in, and most likely mess up, a space that was so clean and uniform to begin with.

Tudor Interior Design Style

Pairs Well With: Craftsman, English Country, Victorian

When it comes to Tudor design inside, it reflects the Tudor design on the outside.  It’s all about the beams.  Large, dark wood beams and accents are basically a must have for this interior design style. 

The dark wood is accented by light walls and light fabric typically.  Since this design style came about from a period of wealth, the fabric tends to be heavy and expensive such as velvet.

Large furniture compared to the room size is characteristic of a Tudor design style so don’t be afraid your couch or bed is too big.  Bright colors tend to be avoided, with dark greens and mustard yellows being some of the major colors used. 

Even the colors that are used don’t tend to be very predominant since neutrals overtake them.

I love Tudor design because of all the dark wood.  I like the architectural aspects of a room with this design style.  Instead of hiding the ceiling under boring white paint, there’s an unashamed feeling of bringing it to the forefront. 

I also like the history behind the design since homes have looked like this inside for centuries.  Beware that you should keep your colors muted though.  This can tend to trip some people up.

Victorian Interior Design Style

Pairs Well With: Bohemian, Naval, Tudor

Ah the Victorian style!  This elegant and beautiful interior design style is one of over the top ornamentation and vibrant colors.  You’ll see a ton of custom and highly detailed millwork especially. 

Door casings and floor moulding can be painted or stained and still fit into this interior design style.

A classic example of a Victorian design is stained glass windows.  A major part of this interior design style is color.  There are colorful accents in the windows, trimwork, and wall color. 

Not only that but many fans of this interior design will carry the color into their furniture pieces as well.  Colorful pillows, lap blankets, and couches are not uncommon.

I love to visit locations with a Victorian design style but I couldn’t live with it.  I love the celebration of color and the flair for life that the color represents. 

Unfortunately, I find the Victorian style to just have too much visual input for me.  For people that can tolerate everything going on in this interior design, you’ll never be happier than in a Victorian home.

Eastern Inspired Interior Design Styles

Asian Zen Interior Design Style

Pairs Well With: Feng Shui, Minimalism, Scandinavian

Asian Zen interiors are inspired more by Buddhist gardens and Japanese culture.  They are calm spaces with neutral colors and plenty of natural light. 

Furniture is kept simple and isn’t overstuffed, favoring basic patterns and lines.  Light colored fabrics offset the natural wood skeletons of short furniture.

This type of interior design is meant to inspire calm.  Light is encouraged to make its way through a space by reducing walls and replacing them with thin room dividers. 

Uncluttered spaces only help light to move around the room.  Bright colors are avoided and spaces don’t tend to be as personalized as in other designs.

I personally love an Asian Zen interior design style.  The calmness of it and the simple design is one that I find inspiring and intriguing. 

Unlike other simple design styles, there is some degree of personalization and clutter allowed so it’s a style I could get along with eventually.

Chinese Interior Design Style

Pairs Well With:  Art Deco, Craftsman, Industrial

The Chinese design style is what most of us have seen in an American version of a Chinese restaurant.  There are bold reds that are mixed with blacks, golds, and jade greens. 

Every color is saturated and stands out compared to the rest.  Furniture tends to be fairly geometric in its overall shape, a circular couch or a sharp rectangular desk. 

However, there tends to be incredibly complex ornamental paint or accents.

There is room for just about every color in this interior design style as long as you choose one that’s highly saturated.  Avoid any pastels or light colors.  Even the white should be a pure white. 

There is room for a lot of decoration and knick-knacks in this design style as well, from indoor countertop fountains to small statues and figurines.

I love to visit places that take their design traits from this design style but I don’t think I could live in that space.  Similar to what I’ve already described, my eyes struggle with that much input on a constant basis. 

However, if you like a lot of contrast in your space, you will absolutely love this design style.  That’s what it’s all about.

Feng Shui Interior Design Style

Pairs Well With: Asian Zen, Mid-Century, Minimalism

Feng Shui comes and goes in its popularity as a design style.  It is an incredibly detailed design style that takes people a lifetime to learn about however, at its most basic, Feng Shui is about finding the balance in nature. 

Colors on walls tend to be neutral but the space is filled with different items based on what they represent in nature.

Natural wood, crystals, metals, and materials are the only thing acceptable.  Nothing is artificial and everything is placed within a space for a purpose.  A sculpture in the corner made of metal balances out a mirror representing water in the opposite space. 

More than anything, Feng Shui requires intention.  You never put anything into a space “because it fits there” or because you had a passing fancy for it.  Everything has a purpose for being there.

I like Feng Shui design as a whole and I wish that it fit my lifestyle.  Unfortunately, I personally do not have enough intention in the my life to have this design style in my home. 

For people who can slow down and consider their space, I encourage you to try this style.  For those who are like myself and cannot really follow this design style, you can still learn from it and see how you may be able to incorporate its balancing and natural aspects.

Ocean Inspired Interior Design Styles

Coastal Interior Design Style

Pairs Well With: Bohemian, English Country, Mediterranean

If you can imagine a comfortable and lightly toned beach house, that is coastal design.  It takes the light blues, pinky corals, the golden sands, and the pale greens you find on the beach and brings them indoors. 

Please don’t confuse this with naval design, which is entirely different.  The overall feel of a coastal interior design style is light and airy.

The furniture in a coastal design will be able to withstand use.  After all, when you get done swimming in the ocean, you want to sit on the couch.  Natural fabrics and materials are more common throughout the home. 

Expect a lot of natural light during the day and a warm, cozy feel at night.  Neutrals are used throughout the house but the occasional pop of a bright yellow, bold coral, or soft blue will be used as well.

I love a coastal design.  It makes me want to swim in the water and lay on a bank of hot sand.  The coastal style can be easy to overdo however.  If you find your shelves full of sand dollars and prop fishing nets, you’ve probably overdone it. 

Make sure to keep yourself under control.  Just because it’s water related doesn’t mean you have to add it to your design.  Choose a few beautiful and statement pieces rather than grabbing anything beachy you can find.

Naval Interior Design Style

Pairs Well With: Coastal, Hollywood Glam, Tropical

Bringing a bold look and inspired by the sea, a Naval interior design style is an easy one for beginners to pull off well.  There’s a lot of contrast with colors and rooms are dominated by dark, navy blue, white, and gold accents. 

If you try to include too many bright colors, you go more toward a tropical design.  Too many pastels veer toward a coastal design style.  Stick with saturated, bold colors.

Rich wood tones are a necessity in the furniture, since that’s what you would find in an old ship’s cabin.  Fabric included in these designs has an organic feel and look with neutral colors. 

Canvas, burlap, and cotton fabrics are common.  The nice thing is that furniture can have curved or straight lines, from traditional to geometric. 

Just make sure not to include too many geometric pieces or it won’t look right.

I love how simple it is for beginners to follow a Naval design style.  Just don’t include too many fishnets and ring buoys and it looks good. 

Naval design also has a rich history, which you can feel when you walk into a room inspired by it.  Centuries of seafaring people and exploration are represented in a single space.

Tropical Interior Design Style

Pairs Well With: Bohemian, Coastal, Mid-Century

Tropical design is inspired from the rainforested areas of the world.  There are bright colors offset by lots of luscious plants and rattan furniture with white canvas cushions. 

Rooms are comfortable enough for you to come in with your feet sandy and a beach towel wrapped around you.

The colors used tend to be super saturated with pastels and gray tones being rare.  More importantly though is that plants are represented throughout. 

Either living plants on shelves and in pots or on wallpapers and decorations throughout a room.  Tropical design celebrates the lushness of the rainforest so plants are required for the design to come together.

This interior design style is so unique and unyielding that I find it overwhelming.  Tropical design is beautiful for a lot of reasons but there is far less contrast than in other design styles. 

It can tend to be a bit one note after a while if your whole home is done with a tropical style.  Personally, I find that I crave something different after a while.

Mixed Inspiration Interior Design Styles

Bohemian Interior Design Style

Pairs well with: Moroccan, Eclectic, World Traveler

A Bohemian interior design style is characterized by an anything goes mentality.  It is a design that gives you the freedom to be whatever you want to be and whoever you are. 

Bohemian design is a globally inspired design with comfort and personal taste being key.  You’ll see a macramé chair hanging in the corner and a fuzzy alpaca blanket on the back of the couch.

Most colors are kept neutral, with whites, beiges, and tans being the majority of what you see.  However, don’t be afraid to include a pop of color as long as it’s kept under control. 

Make sure that you are staying true to what you love, since that’s what Bohemian design is all about, and it will go well for you.

I love how free this design style is.  Anybody is allowed to be whoever they are naturally.  Nobody has to fit into a specific style.  More than anything, keep it comfortable and lived in. 

A slight amount of clutter is acceptable since personalization is completely what this interior design is about.  Your space is personalized to you, regardless of who you are.

Eclectic Interior Design Style

Pairs Well With: Everything

An eclectic design style is just what it sounds like.  It is a combination of all the items that you love in one place, just because you like them.  This design style tends to look a lot less formal and it is difficult to characterize it with a single line about color or furniture style. 

More than anything, it tends to run a little more toward a Bohemian design just because of what it represents.

There tends to be chaos present in an eclectic design, more than in other design styles.  This is because it is a collection of a lifetime.  This is what an eclectic interior design style allows: a pure expression of self, regardless of what that self looks like. 

There is nothing more freeing than that and that’s what interior design is all about.

I think I’ve already expressed more often than I need to that I don’t like very chaotic design styles.  However, there is something beautiful about the complete freedom of expression that is allowed with an eclectic design. 

Isn’t it perfect to be exactly who you are, regardless of what other people feel is correct?

World Traveler Interior Design Style

Pairs Well With: Bohemian, Chinese, Craftsman

World traveler is for those people who take their inspiration from every culture worldwide.  There is nothing off limits in terms of color or design because so many different cultures are represented in the space. 

The bold colors of Africa and the muted tones of French design are both acceptable.

You’ll find busier spaces full of knick-knacks from around the world.  These rooms have weapons from China, wall prints from South America, and tables from India. 

Anything is up for grabs as long as it represents a trip or a desire to travel around the world.

The eclectic nature of this design allows for more freedom than most designs.  I like that it celebrates so many different cultures and lets a person travel without leaving the house. 

This interior design style can sometimes be difficult to achieve a cohesive look but maybe that isn’t the point since all cultures are not the same.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, one of these major interior design styles appealed to you in some way.  Each person is unique in what they prefer and in the design style that their lives work well with. 

Beyond just these simple styles, you shouldn’t be afraid to combine two of them to make something as wholly unique as yourself. Make a mood board to help keep you focused.

Whatever design style you choose or prefer, just remember that it is okay to change as you grow and change as a person.  As your family grows, you may find that certain styles are more difficult to maintain. 

And just remember, if you choose to design with items that you love, you will ultimately love the space anyway.