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9 Perfect Heart Shaped Plants for Valentine’s Day

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One of the hardest holidays to buy a gift for is Valentine’s Day. You don’t want to get too much but you definitely don’t want to forget a gift for that special someone. If you want to strike the perfect tone, a heart shaped plant is an excellent idea. It will remind them of your love every day and it will be a beautiful decoration to any space.

Monstera Deliciosa

monstera deliciosa

As far as classic houseplants go, the Monstera Deliciosa is a good candidate. This plant develops large, heart shaped leaves. The leaves will develop slits in them as they grow as a normal part of the growth cycle.

The Monstera Deliciosa will produce edible fruits if it becomes large enough. However, when they are planted in a pot, these plants tend to stay small. You will find that the Monstera is a heart shaped plant that thrives in a humid environment with indirect light.



Anthurium is a genus of plants that includes several heart shaped species. Some of them even have the added bonus of having red or pink heart shaped leaves or petals. This gives the Anthurium a special place amongst Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

These plants prefer the temperatures indoors, thriving around 70°F. You will also find that the Anthurium genus of plant can survive with less light than most houseplants. So don’t worry about finding the perfect sunny window for it.

String of Hearts

string of hearts

The String of Hearts plant is a very popular heart shaped plant from the succulent group of plants. This means that it is simple to care for, requiring only a small amount of water infrequently. Most String of Hearts plants will do better if they are forgotten than if they are tended.

The strings can get very long if the plant is well cared for and is given room to grow. Make sure that you have a place where this plant can hang because it grows down and not up. But each leaf makes a perfect heart shape, which makes it a great gift for a loved one.

Hemionitis Arrifolia – Heart Fern

heart fern
Photo Credit: Gardener’s Path

Like most ferns, the heart fern prefers warm, shady, humid environments to grow in. It is a plant that will do well in a terrarium if you want, or you can simply keep it in a pot like you do your other houseplants.

Rather than having frilly leaves with tons of lobes like other ferns, heart ferns have thicker, heart shaped leaves at the end of long, thin stems. This fern isn’t as simple as most ferns to grow but it will grow well with low pH soil and enough moisture provided.

Hoya Kerrii – Sweetheart Hoya

sweetheart hoya

The Sweetheart Hoya is absolutely the most perfect plant to give as a Valentine’s Day gift. Unlike most heart shaped plants, this one has a single lobe in the shape of a heart. This plant is a succulent so it also requires very little care.

By giving this plant to someone, you are only giving them your love and not another chore on their list. Make sure that they know the plant needs well-drained soil and very little water or they’ll quickly kill it.


heart shaped philodendrons

There are several different types of Philodendron. These plants are so easy to care for that just about every homeowner can care for them and make them thrive. They are a typical houseplant that prefers to be kept damp and at room temperature with filtered light. While all philodendrons have heart shaped leaves, there are a few stand outs.

Philodendron Fuzzy Petiole

The fuzzy petiole variety of philodendron is a heart shaped plant with slightly furry leaves and stems. This beautiful plant has striking dark green leaves with large lobes that give it a distinct heart shape. The leaves come to a sharp point that only accentuates the shape.

Philodendron Gloriosum

If you want a heart shaped conversation starter, look no further than the Philodendron Gloriosum. This luscious plant has very large heart shaped leaves. For the most part, the leaves are dark green. But the leaves have bright white ribs that not only give the leaves their shape but also feed water to the entire leaf. The contrast is incredible.

Philodendron Scandans

The Philodendron Scandans is also known as the Heartleaf Philodendron. However, this plant’s leaves are a bit more pointy and stretched out than the other two heart shaped plants in this group. But there is still a distinct heart shape to the leaves that make this a great gift of love.



Cyclamen hold a special place in the plant world. They are a flowering plant that actually prefers cooler temperatures. This means that this heart shaped plant will bloom at a time when most plants are not blooming. Just make sure to keep your home on the cooler side if you want it to keep blooming.

The blooms are two-lobed fleshy blooms that are definitely striking. However, the leaves are beautiful in their own right. It’s the leaves that are really heart shaped. And, unlike most plants on this list, your loved one can plant a cyclamen outdoors (in most zones) and it will do just fine.



The pothos, sometimes called the Devil’s Ivy, is one of the easiest houseplants to grow. The leaves may not be as heart shaped as some of the other plants on this list. However, there is still a distinct set of lobes with a point to make a heart.

The pothos plant can survive basically any condition. There have been pothos plants that grew just fine with a little soil and a plastic bag as a house. You can even grow cuttings in just tubes of water. So don’t worry if your loved one has a brown thumb. It won’t matter.



The caladium plant is a shade loving plant that gives a lush and colorful foliage to an area that normally wouldn’t have it. The leaves are fleshy and have a distinct heart shape with a green outside with a bright red inside. This makes the plant a great option for a Valentines Day gift for two reasons.

Not only can this plant be grown indoors but it can also be grown outdoors. This means that this plant could come back year after year if you live in a relatively warm environment. It will grow well in the same environment as the hosta or fern, with a shady, cool, and humid area.


There are several heart shaped plants that you can give to somebody to demonstrate your love in a meaningful way. Even better, there is a great plant option for any style, whether your loved one prefers houseplants or outdoor plants. There’s even a few excellent succulent options that you can choose!