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Your complete guide to growing the best garden you can. From watering and planting, to your compost pile, all your answers are here.

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All the best tips and tricks for the organic garden of your dreams.  Of course, you could use these tips in a non-organic garden as well.

Growing Plant Light
Raised Beds

For anybody tired of bending over to do your planting, gardening, or weeding, I will walk you through building a taller raised garden bed.  I’ll be with you every step of the way.

I’ll walk you through the 6 major plant nutrients so that you can get the perfect balance in your garden.  You’ll be able to identify what your plant needs at a simple glance.

Shovel and Rake

Other Great garden resources

Drip irrigation bubbler

How to Install Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is the perfect addition to any new garden. It will save you money and water. Not to mention that your garden will look better than ever before!

Parents Creative Fence

Top 5 Creative Fence Ideas

You want to have a fence that you can be proud of and something that stands out from the rest of the neighborhood. I've got some great ideas to make your fence stand out.

Flower Pollinator

Bees, Wasps, and Other Pollinators

Bees play a huge part in every good garden. Help to encourage pollinators in your garden and learn to tell the wasps and bees apart.

Garden watering can

Garden Watering Tips

Plants need water consistantly to grow well and give you food and flowers. From watering cans to underground sprinklers, I'll go over them all.