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Family Handyman Magazine: Best For Newbies

When you look at a magazine rack, the glossy covers all look the same. How do you find the best ones to buy and which ones are worth their price?

I will walk you through the Family Handyman Magazine in this in depth review. I’ll tell you which sections I love and which ones I hate.

Before you know it, I bet you’ll not only buy the magazine on the rack but you’ll subscribe to it too.

Content You Find Family Handyman Magazine

Stuff We Love

This is where the staff at the magazine put their favorite products and tips that they’ve used in their own home improvement. Anything from new tools on the market to the gear they just can’t live without…wireless headphones anyone?

This is where I found out about my magnetic wristband that I love using in my projects. It holds my bits and my fasteners and it’s super handy for big projects like building my shed.

I really like that you can tell the products have actually been used by the staff and they aren’t just recommending products randomly. There are not usually things suggested that aren’t expected.

It gives a basic rundown that you could get from going to the hardware store and asking a sales person. At the same time, it’s nice to have everything rounded up together.

Handy Hints

Hints and tips

This section is similar to the staff section, but this section is handy hints, tips, and products that readers submit as awesome. I freaking love this section. First off, people from homeowners to contractors submit things for this and the mix of things you read about is vast and applies to everybody reading the magazine.

Not only that, but I find the most unusual things listed in this section. Strange tips that you know somebody found when they were desperate in the middle of a project and it worked really well.

Like extending the fence on a miter saw with a sacrificial 1×4, which I do whenever I use my saw now and it’s much more stable. The tips involve easy to find items and they are usually inexpensive solutions to common problems.

Big thumbs up.

Home Lab

The Home Lab section is like a miniature consumer reports. They test everything from paint brands to plumbing fixture pieces.

Unlike consumer reports, this section doesn’t go into insane detail but it does give a very good overview and an intermediate level of information.

I like that I can read this section and come away knowing why I chose the product I did and what makes it better.

Big Project Articles

Home project

This is the meat and potatoes of each Family Handyman magazine. This is where they walk you through how to build a cool garden shed or replace your dishwasher.

I will warn you that the projects are rarely what I would recommend for somebody just starting their own DIY projects. However, the articles do provide great pictures, good detailed steps, and great information

Anybody with an intermediate level of DIY would be able to read these articles and pull off the project successfully. For example, a recent issue walked you through how to improve your home’s curb appeal.

It walked you through projects like replacing a window or door, planting for a beautiful garden, and stamping a boring concrete walkway.

Non-Feature Articles

When the Family Handyman Magazine has an article that isn’t a feature, from basic home maintenance to shop organization, they put the articles here. I’ve got a similar article on setting up your first woodshop layout here.

Usually articles are a few pages and they walk you through basic projects. They are simple to understand and there are always good photos to show you what they are talking about.

The projects in this section are great for beginners because they will introduce you to some DIY terms and techniques.

Great Goofs


I admit, this is my favorite section. This is where people can submit stories of the times their home improvement went wrong. The best I’ve read was a decking contractor who installed a deck on the wrong house one time.

Or you’ll have people who buried their water shut-off and found out the hard way when they sprang a leak. I’ve never read this section without laughing and sharing the stories with my coworkers at the hardware store.

Family Handyman Magazine Price

You really can’t beat the price of the Family Handyman Magazine. You get 8 magazines each year and it only costs $10 a year. I am amazed they can offer what they do for that price. Head to their website to subscribe!

Value of Family Handyman Magazine

Family handyman magazine best value

The value of this publication is beyond imagination or compare. It is one of the least expensive home improvement magazines I know of and yet it provides great content.

The Family Handyman Magazine is the best at walking homeowners through projects and they come across very open and friendly

It’s almost like having your dad walk you through the project but it’s in print. I highly recommend this magazine to anybody that is buying a new home or starting their own DIY projects. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

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