Fall Season Decorating Guide

If you are wondering how to make your home cozy for the Fall season, we've got a Fall season decorating guide to help you decorate your home easily.

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Table of Contents

As the seasons change and the trees begin to show their fiery fall color, all of us could use a decorating guide. How do we change the home to reflect the warm, cozy atmosphere we are wanting? If you follow the tips in this fall season decorating guide, your home will scream Fall within a quick turn of a leaf.

Fall Fabrics

There are very few things that help to turn the atmosphere in a room like the fabric in the room. Replace your breezy summer curtains with heavier drapes that give your room a smaller, cozier feel. Think about heavy flannel or velvets and overstuffed couch pillows. These fabrics should invoke a sense of weight and heat. Try using warmer colors like reds and oranges that mimic the fires that you once found in caves.

Make sure that you have throw blankets easily available and put some extra pillows on the couch. More than anything, the extra fabric accents make your home feel warm and inviting, perfect for fall.


Change your lighting to a warmer lighting. All of your daylight bulbs will appear unnatural when there is less daylight throughout the day. Choose a warm, 2700K light bulb to make your room appear warmer and cozier. It will complement the colors of the fall more and make you really begin to feel okay with cooler weather.

Edison bulbs like these give the perfect glow for cold fall nights but they can be tough to read by. You could always ask for a warm white LED with a higher output so that you get the cozy feel but more light. For more on light color check out this post on the science of light.


The plants in your rooms now become even more important. The twining of vines around your candles or the accent of evergreens will flesh out your decorating style. Don’t forget the power of the mind to see the pop of life in the corner of your home during this season when so much is going to sleep.

For the front of the house, you can definitely dress up the porch with fall plants like mums, pumpkins, and decorative corn. There’s a few ideas in this post on easy home improvements.

Seasonal Colors

There are two main directions that you can go when you are going to alter your home to the feeling of fall. You can go with browns and creams and taupes. This is a calm, conservative color palette that will make you feel grown up. Make sure that you select heavier fabrics and softer pillows to account for the calm color or else your room can appear cold.

If you are younger in spirit, you will probably prefer the bright oranges and yellows that this season allows. Allow yourself to try these brighter colors to counteract the cold outside and make your home warm. You can put in bright colored art on the walls or bright pillows on the couch. Don’t go too far with it though or your home will not have the calm, cozy feeling that we all crave on cold nights.


More effective than sight in changing the season, is smell. Warm scents like cinnamon, apple spice, pumpkin pie, or fall leaves will definitely be favorites for a reason. They make you feel like this home is a warm haven in the days that are getting colder by the moment. Choose scents that make you think of childhood and cold hands.

Candles that aren’t burned, wax burners, or even spray cans of air freshener can all be used. You could even cook up your own fall scent and boil it on the stove to permeate the air completely.


More than anything, Fall is a celebration of natural feelings and earthy scents. This was originally a time to celebrate abundant harvests and warm caves. Let yourself remember our ancestral desire to nest within caves and feel safe and cozy. Make a cup of tea, put a fall leaves scent in the wax burner, and put a wool blanket on your lap before opening a good book. Let fall breathe through you. Soon, it will be winter and time for colder things, but not yet. To decorate your front porch, check out our post on 20 easy home improvement ideas.

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