Top 5 Creative Fence Ideas For Your Yard

Take the opportunity to create the perfect creative fence around your garden. These fence options are perfect for you. Your fence should be as unique as you are!

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Creative fence

Table of Contents

When spring begins and the snow finally starts to thaw, I can’t be the only one who wants to play outside in the garden. Now is a great time to plan your vegetable garden for example.

Since it’s not quite warm enough to plant anything, it’s a great time to focus on your fence. But you don’t want something ordinary. So I’ve put together some great creative fence options for you!

I’m not the only person who has almost had a car accident because they were eyeballing somebody’s fence on the drive to work. Right?

Nobody wants a fence that looks like everybody else’s fence. I sought to find some of the most creative fence ideas and I want to share with you!

Perimtec Fence System

I really like how Perimtec does their fence systems. They build a frame kit that you assemble yourself and fill with your desired infill material. They can supply you with cedar infill or a synthetic infill material. But you don’t have to stop there!

You can also choose a more creative fence option and use hardware cloth, bamboo poles, or sunlite panels for creative infill options. Seriously, the options are a unique fence are endless.

I’d recommend that if you want something that provides an easy fence install and an interesting fence design, you at least consider Perimtec fence panels.

Creative Wood Fence Options

Wood fences are a classic option for most homeowners but there are a ton of different wood fence options, from a cedar fence to a picket fence. If you are looking to do a cedar fence, the traditional way of building it has you put the boards vertically.

You can even buy premade fence panels to do this. But you can also put the fence boards up horizontally onto your fence posts which gives it a more modern vibe.

Wood Fence

If you want to get even more creative with your wood fence design, you can put one fence board on one side, and the next fence board on the backside, and so on down the length of the fence. This still provides the separation but it isn’t a standard, boring wood fence.

Picket fences are so adorable, they just have to be considered. You don’t need them to be as tall usually so shorter fence posts and shorter pickets will do.

You can also buy these in premade fence panel kits sometimes, which is nice and makes their construction easier. Frequently, these unique fences are seen being used as a front yard fence while a larger fence is used in the back.

Mixed Media Creative Fences

If you feel really adventurous, there’s always a mixed media fence system to consider. Basically, these unique fences combine different materials such as metal, wood, recycled bottles, and even composite materials. The sky is the limit on these fence designs.

You can drill holes in your standard cedar fence panels and glue marbles into them for a pop of color and fun. Or maybe you can put metal panels up between your fence posts.

Don’t be afraid to use something out of the ordinary to build a totally unique fence in your back yard.

Creative Fence Options That Use Metal

There are several options for incorporating metal panels or metal fence posts into your fence design. Metal fence posts from a chain link fence for example can be reused to attach a new cedar fence or other infill material. You don’t have to pull them out and reset standard fence posts.

Metal panel kits can also be used in your fence install. Some of the most beautiful and creative fences are those that combine wooden fence posts with metal infill material.

I saw one once that had black metal spindles set into a wooden railing system. Or maybe you can use galvanized metal cattle panel and set it between cedar fencing posts or metal posts.

How To Use Unusual Materials For A Creative Fence

Horizontal fence

For the most unique yard fence option, look into using other materials or construction methods.

You can create a stunning fence using recycled metal ceiling tiles, wine bottles, bicycle tires, or any other uncommonly used material.

These creative fencing materials can usually be purchased cheaply at a goodwill or building re-use center.

An incredibly popular choice for gardeners is to make their fence panels out of actual plants. To do this, you can either by a plant fence panel kit online or you can put small plants into pots attached to a wooden or metal skeleton.

You can also hide a normal wooden fence by letting vining plants grow up the fence panels.

My Favorite Creative Fence

My parent's cedar creative fence

The best fence I’ve seen is at my parent’s house. Their fence installs and design was inspired by the spare pieces of fence boards they already had.

My dad used a piece of wood as a spacer and the overall design appeared organically.

The top of the fence is incredibly unique and I don’t think I’ll ever see anything else like it. One day, I hope that I can build something as beautiful and simple as this wooden fence.

Final Thoughts

My parent’s cedar wood fence is a great example of how construction design can be done loosely and freely. It’s proof that there is no perfect or right way to do some things and a unique fence is a great opportunity to explore that.

I hope that you are inspired to build a creative fence that is unique as yourself. The freer you feel to make a creative fence, the more you will love it.

Look for opportunities to use something ordinary in a unique way. Once your fence is figured out, check out the garden guide for all sorts of other garden projects! I would love to hear how your fence building goes!

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