Top 5 Creative Fence Ideas For Your Yard

Think beyond the traditional cedar fence to create a stunning focul point

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Creative Fence with Metal

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I’m taking a small break from other projects, like my raised garden beds, in order to focus on…fences. You know what they say, fences make good neighbors. I can’t be the only person who has almost had a car accident because they were eyeballing somebody’s fence on the drive to work. Right? Nobody wants a fence that looks like everybody else’s fence. My parents recently asked me to find some creative fence ideas and I want to share with you what I found! I hope that you are just an inspired as my parents. While they didn’t choose one that I found, I think their fence is the nicest of them all. I’ll show you how it turned out at the end!

This article may contain affiliate links.  They don’t cost you anything but they help to support me giving you great content.  Check out our disclaimer page to learn more.

Creative Fence Made Of Cedar

Most people who want a creative fence struggle to want a cedar fence, like everybody else in the neighborhood. However, you can always try running the boards sideways like these two fences shown on and to help lend an air of freshness and modern design to the fence. This non-traditional method of fence building will definitely help you stand out from the crowd. When you run board sideways, you can leave gaps in them to let more light through or you can put boards close together to give more privacy. Just make sure to put your posts the right distance apart for the boards in your creative fence!

Mixed Media Creative Fence

Complex board patterns with cedar fencing is certainly amazing. But if you want to make your creative fence truly unique, you should look at doing a mixed media fence. Add something unique to your fence panels to make you stand out. I love the idea of adding marbles, like gardendrama had in their design ,into the fence boards to make the fence more colorful and unique. Simply drill a small hole and glue in the marble. If you add metal or rock panels to your fence, you can make your fence even more unique. A fence with metal or rock, like I found on pinterest, is definitely unusual.  It’s a simple matter of coming up with a metal or wood container for the rock.

Creative Fence Made With Metal

Incorporating metal, like this fence from, into your fence is a great way to add interest to a creative fence. The metal adds some glamour to an otherwise boring fence. It provides a nice backdrop to plants or other garden decoration. You can cut small windows out of the metal to act as small viewing areas so that neighbors may peak in and be jealous of your garden. Tea lights can be added along the wooden boards to make the metal sparkle more. Don’t hesitate to mix your wood fence with not only corrugated metal but also metal panels with decorative cutouts.

A little bit of backstory, the fence from with the metal in it is the one I almost got into a car accident while I was driving. I look at that fence every time I drive between home and work. You want to have a fence that inspires people and that one definitely does.

Creative Fence Made Of Unusual Materials

And for some of the most unique fence ideas, look to other materials. Many people have created absolutely beautiful fences from recycled materials like ceiling tiles, like the one from, or wine bottles, like the one from These materials can often be purchased cheaply at a goodwill or a building re-use center. A popular choice for gardeners is also to make their fences out of plants, like the fence shown by You can put small plants into pots that line a fence or you can have plants grow up a fence. This helps to incorporate the fence into your garden.

Without Further Ado...My Parent's Fence

Parents Creative Fence

My parents’ fence turned out stunning. Their design was inspired to some degree by the spare pieces of fence board they had in their stash already. My dad used a piece of wood as a space and the design of the entire fence appeared very organically. I think that it’s a great example of how construction can be looser. It’s proof that there is not always a perfect or right way to do some things. The top design is absolutely beautiful and I can safely say that there is not fence like it anywhere. One day, I hope that I can build something this beautiful.

Final Thoughts

I hope that you are inspired to build a fence as unique as yourself. This is the perfect time for you to feel free to construct something how you want it. The more you feel you can have a creative fence, the better your yard will look. Whether you have marbles glued into the boards or recycled metal panels in the fence, make the fence your own. I would love to hear about all of your projects as you create some interesting focal points in your yard.

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