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5 Best Corner Toilets for Small Bathroom Remodels

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Sometimes you just don’t have a big bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, you can definitely save some space by considering a corner toilet. These specialty toilets have triangular tanks that fit directly into the corner of a room. There are really only a few options for corner toilets but they vary enough to suit most design styles.

Best Corner Toilets for Small Bathrooms

Corner toilets are difficult to find. You won’t usually find them in stock at your local hardware store. However, you can ask the hardware store to order one in for you or even get them online now if you know which one you want. Fortunately, there are several to choose from so you can fit most interior design styles.

Signature Hardware Regent Dual Flush

Signature hardware regent dual flush corner toilet
Construction StyleTwo-piece
Rough In12″
Overall Projection from Corner34-1/2″

Specifications sheet

Installation sheet

Signature hardware makes a corner toilet with traditional design elements. There are rippled edges on the side that highlight the overall shape. With an elongated bowl and soft-close lid, this is a popular corner toilet option for many people. The only downside is that the ripples that give it the traditional design are also somewhat difficult to keep clean.

Troyt Two Piece Dual Flush

Troyt Two Piece Dual Flush corner toilet
Construction StyleTwo-piece
Rough In12″
Overall Projection from Corner30″

Installation guide

Troyt offers another two piece corner toilet that is popular. It is a plain looking toilet with no extra frills or decoration. This helps it to fit in with many different design styles, from traditional to modern. A round bowl means that the toilet doesn’t project out as far as others and saves even more space.

Unlike most corner toilets, this model also has a dual flush mechanism built into it. This means that you can save even more water than normal because it offers a .8 GPF or 1.6 GPF option depending on the waste.

American Standard Cadet 3

American Standard Cadet 3 corner toilet
Construction StyleTwo-piece
Rough In12″
Overall Projection from Corner33-3/16″

Specifications sheet

American Standard has a corner toilet available in its popular Cadet 3 line. This line has “right height” toilets that are taller and therefore easier to get onto and off of for weaker or heavier individuals.

You can choose a round or elongated bowl for this toilet system. The Cadet is a plainer toilet option that goes with any design style. While this is an excellent corner toilet option, it does not include the seat and there is no dual flush option available at this time.

Renovators Supply Sheffield Corner 2 Piece

Renovators Supply Sheffield Corner 2 Piece
Construction StyleTwo-piece
Rough InAdjustable
Overall Projection from Corner32-1/2″

Installation guide

You can find another traditional looking toilet option from Renovator’s Supply in their Sheffield line. There are several decorative grooves and curves that keep this toilet from looking too modern. The Sheffield also comes with an ADA height bowl, just like the Cadet 3 from American Standard.

The Sheffield is another eco-friendly option since it offers a dual flush option. And it comes with a slow-close lid which prevents slamming. However, the best thing about this toilet is the adjustable rough-in. This is perfect for people who are unsure what their rough-in already is or who may be less capable of putting in the perfect rough-in.

Signature Hardware Braeburn

Signature Hardware Braeburn corner toilet
Construction StyleTwo-piece
Rough In12″
Overall Projection from Corner30-1/2″


Installation Instructions

The Braeburn from Signature Hardware is an excellent “no frills” corner toilet option. It has very clean lines and a round bowl shape that fits with any style. There’s a bonus of a soft close seat included with this model as well.

While the Braeburn does not offer a dual flush option to save water, it is still a water efficient option that will by no means guzzles. And the chrome handle built in will fit with any design style as well.

What is a corner toilet?

To put it simply, a corner toilet is designed to specifically fit into the corner of a room and protrude diagonally. The tank is triangular in shape, when viewed from the top, so that the toilet can sit farther into the corner and save space in the center of the bathroom.

This feature makes a corner toilet perfect for small bathrooms. When you have a small bathroom, a compact toilet can make it easier to fit a sink and maybe even a small shower into the space.

Does a corner toilet take up less space?

The tight fit of a corner toilet does save space in your bathroom. You no longer need to worry about having enough clearance to the side of the toilet. And corner toilets generally come with round bowls, which saves space in front of them too.

How much space is needed for a corner toilet?

Some corner toilets are so small that they can be installed with a rough-in of just 12” on each side of the corner. This means that you can save a ton of space by using a corner toilet in your small bathroom remodel!

How to choose a corner toilet

There are a few key factors when choosing a corner toilet, though most are similar to choosing a standard toilet. Make sure that you select one that will fit your space, from your rough-in to the overall projection. After that, look for a bowl shape you like, water efficiency options, and extra features like slow close lids.

Water usage

toilet flush

Toilets used to be made to use up to 7 gallons of water with each flush. Thank god those times have changed and you can find water-efficient models designed to use, at most, 1.6 gallons per flush.

Even compact toilets for small bathrooms are designed to use this same amount of water. Now, you can find some toilets using even less water, with 1.2 gallons per flush being the most efficient.

Flushing mechanism

Be sure to ask the salesperson at the store which flush mechanism your corner toilet uses. There are several systems to choose from and each has their benefits and issues. Some mechanisms require you to hold the handle down longer. Others are more likely to clog but are more powerful.

Most toilets, including corner toilets for small bathrooms, in America are made with a tank fill valve system or a siphon valve system. A tank fill valve system is more common so it’s easier to find parts. A siphon valve system is more powerful but more likely to clog.

Bowl shape/type

Toilets come in two different bowl shapes: elongated and round. Elongated toilet bowls are considered more desirable and they are slightly more expensive because of it. They are desirable because they offer a more comfortable seat.

However, elongated bowls take up more space. Since corner toilets are designed to save space in the first place, you will find mostly round toilet bowls on corner toilets designed for small bathrooms. But an elongated bowl is not out of the question if you can fit it.

toilet bowl shapes

How to measure for a corner toilet rough in

A rough-in is the plumbing term for the center of the drain hole. Each toilet model has its own specified rough-in dimensions so follow your instructions and measure carefully.

To measure for a corner toilet rough in, it’s a very simple process. Say, for example, that the toilet rough-in is 12” for your new corner toilet. 

From one wall, draw a line that is 12” from the wall. From the other wall in the corner, draw another line that is 12” from the wall.

Where the two lines intersect, that’s the center of the new corner toilet rough-in. For more steps on installing your new corner toilet, check out Signature Hardware.

Is a corner toilet a good idea?

A corner toilet is an excellent idea for a small bathroom remodel. If you are already struggling for space in a small bathroom, you need every inch you can find. Corner toilets will look unusual at first, however you’ll find that you appreciate the extra space.

Other space saving bathroom fixtures

space saving bathroom sink

For people with smaller bathrooms, you will probably want to add other space-saving fixtures besides corner toilets. The most necessary is usually a smaller sink. They make sinks that are just barely big enough to wash your hands. But that’s really all you need.

If your bathroom is smaller, you should also consider using your vertical space on the walls. For instance, don’t store your extra toilet paper in a stand on the floor but on a shelf. Instead of having a vanity storage area for towels, put shelves on the wall that store the towels rolled up.


Small bathrooms can be a serious challenge for most homeowners. But you can fit all of the necessities in there by using some clever space-saving techniques. Corner toilets are one of the most unusual space savers but they are an excellent option for many homeowners.