Changing a Shower Head

A great first plumbing project for any beginner

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Occasionally, you want to change your shower head.  You’ll want a different style, an energy efficient one, or yours may be damaged.  This is a great, easy first time plumbing task for homeowners to try.  You won’t need any tools other than your hands and some plumbers tape.


To start, unscrew the existing shower head.  Most just spin onto the pipe that comes from the wall by turning them counter-clockwise. 

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Remove the existing plumbers tape if there is any wrapped around the pipe.

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Inspect the pipe just to make sure that it isn’t cracked or damaged.  You don’t want to waste your time putting a new shower head onto a cracked pipe.

Wrap new plumbers tapeir?t=sydney05 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00LEL56QW around the threads on the pipe.  This tape helps to fill in the small voids between the threads when you put the new shower head on.

Spin the new shower head onto the end of the pipe until it is hand tightened.  You don’t want to overtighten it with a wrench and damage the fitting.

Since this is a wand style shower head, there is an additional step of attaching the wand.  This works the same as connecting the initial fitting.

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To double check your work, and to brag to your family about your plumbing prowess, test out the shower and look for leaks.  You’re first plumbing project is now complete!

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