20 Easy Home Improvements

20 great home improvements that you can do to easily make your home look amazing

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Table of Contents

The classic conundrum of homeowners…what repairs and updates are worth their weight in gold? Well, I have put together a list of 20 things you can do to make your house look expensive when it’s actually not.

  1. Paint your walls
  2. Deep clean your cabinets
  3. Put up new, updated street address numbers
  4. Edge your lawn along the sidewalk
  5. Put in a new, low flow showerhead
  6. Change out your light fixtures to update them
  7. Trim your trees and shrubs
  8. Paint your mailbox
  9. Decorate your porch/front door
    • Fresh flowers for spring
    • Window boxes on the railing
    • Straw bales and scarecrows for fall
    • Snow men for winter
    • A cute inexpensive door decoration
  10. Add some chair rail to your hallway
  11. Put up some decorative floating shelves
  12. Add organization baskets to your bathroom shelves
  13. Change out your cabinet hardware
  14. Pressure wash the siding
  15. Add trim to your cabinets
  16. Put up crown molding in your living room
  17. Replace dated curtains
  18. Re-caulk your bathtub corners
  19. Put trim around your bathroom mirror
  20. Replace the burner pans on your stove

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