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I am so happy to have you here! I’m Sydney and I’m the Head Homeowner. I am on a mission to teach all new homeowners out there how to maintain, decorate, and finance their homes.

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Interior design is so much fun to dream about but so difficult to do! I want to help you achieve the design of your dreams. Check out the article 28 Interior Design Styles to find something you love. Once you know more about your design taste, you can put some amazing things together!

I know, cleaning out the gutters or putting in new insulation isn’t exactly what you had in mind as a homeowner. Ladies! You can do anything that your home needs. To see what most of my maintenance articles are like, check out How To Fix A Running Toilet.

Is it just me or are houses incredibly expensive not only to buy but just to repair? I have a sore spot for helping all women afford to buy new houses and afford to put their dream finishes in those houses. A great place to start is my article that walks you through the benefits and negatives of buying vs. renting.

I know, this is sort of it’s own strange category. But I think that, as women, we always think of how the home looks and functions both inside and out. If you need the latest in gardening tips, look no further. My favorite garden project this past year? Building the tall raised beds in the back yard! I’ll show you how to do it yourself.


Head Homeowner

Hey everybody! I'm Sydney, the head homeowner here. Let me know if you have any questions you didn't find the answer to. Tell me what projects you're working on. I love to hear from all my readers.

Have you seen my free library?

Check it out for more resources like this