Welcome To Just A Homeowner!

I am so excited that you are here! I love teaching new homeowners how to design, maintain, and finance the home of their dreams.

Owning a home isn’t easy but I’m here to help you with anything you need. Please feel free to look around, make yourself comfortable, and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Welcome!

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Does this describe you? If any of these are true…you’re my people!

You get tired of magazines lying to you all the time

Whenever you read that new home magazine, you think to yourself, “There’s no way I could keep my kitchen that clean.”

Then, it’s even more frustrating when the magazine swears the project is easy and only takes a few hours and less than $100. I’ll never mislead you.

Some projects are tough and some are expensive. I make sure that you know exactly what to expect going into a project.

You are ready for “grown up” furniture and style

As a college kid, there’s nothing better than a free couch and a blanket from Goodwill. After all, you’re broke.

But if you are ready to really decorate your space how you love it and put some of your hard earned cash to work, you need to know how to design.

I’ll teach you to design your space like a real professional so that you will love it from top to bottom.

You need a financial best friend for advice

Your best friend helps you figure out if you are being dumb or if your genius just isn’t understood.

When it comes to your home, there are so many ways to save money and so many areas that you need to spend a little more to get a product worth paying for.

You won’t have to guess anymore. I’ll be your best friend and tell you the way to get your perfect home at a perfect price.

Why do I do this?

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My name is Sydney and I want you to have the most fabulous home and life you can possibly dream up!

I used to be a scientist but I found out that it just wasn’t for me. When I left science, I moved on to work at a large, independent hardware store for almost a decade.

Now, I help homeowners be successful financially so that they don’t lose their homes when disaster strikes. Some however, have gone the extra mile to let me help them retire securely!

When I started working at the hardware store, I didn’t even realize there were multiple types of screwdrivers. I’ve come a long way and you definitely can too! Anything you want to learn about your home, I can teach you.

 And even better, you won’t feel dumb because I was in your place once! We all have to start somewhere, but with my help, you can have your dream home in no time.